Motocross Madness

Posted On: 4/10/2013  Publisher: Microsoft Studios

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Motocross Madness is back and while some may feel itís not the same as it used to be I have to say that this is probably one of the better motocross games available on the Xbox 360. THQ has held the reins of the dirt bike genre for a few years but dramatically dropped the ball with their MX vs ATV series over the last few titles. Motocross Madness was an established title at one point over a decade ago and now offers up the same fun on an arcade style level. If you like Motocross then you will like this game.

Now the game is not perfect as youíll run into weird collision issues from time to time and awkward bounces off of obstacles about the track. But in this game, while frustrating at times, itís almost forgivable due to the over the top approach by the developer. Issues with some of the on screen action can prove to be more than frustrating here and there and at times will have you immediately hitting the restart option. But I have to say the fun factor and options as well as achievements will keep you playing and enjoying the game.


Motocross Madness is an XBLA game that incorporates your avatar as well as the new Avatar Famestar system into the game. There are tasks, challenges and other plateaus for you to achieve such as rider skill level that will keep you playing. Add in the Bike Club feature and you definitely have something that will keep you coming back for more despite some of its issues.

So, letís get into what you can expect from the game. Youíll get a career campaign that spans across 3 regions (Egypt, Australia and Iceland). Each of these regions has an eve t breakdown that consists of races, rival races, exploration and trick events. Youíll earn XP and cash as well as unlocking new events for placing with a medal in each of these events. Now of course I am sure there will be a ton of add-on content that will add new regions, bikes, etc. Yes, the game could end up being a bit of a money grab but the content you initially get should suffice for most folks.

The game is very socially interactive using the Bike Club feature. This feature will present you with challenges for you and your friends. Anyone on your friends list that plays the game is automatically part of your club. There is no need to try and recruit folks. Youíll have tasks to complete as a group like total mileage, air time and more. The more friends you have playing the game the easier it will be to complete the tasks. The challenges consist of beating friendís scores in events that have topped your own.


The Rivals mode in the game is where I spent a lot of my time as in this mode youíll race against other riderís best times. In the career mode itís a one on one session and youíll really have to use every bit of boost you can obtain as well as take lots of shortcuts. These races take place on the same tracks as the normal races.

There is an exploration mode and a trick mode in the career campaign as well. Both of these modes offer up the opportunity to level up your rider with XP and earn some cash to buy new bikes, upgrades and apparel. I really enjoy the fact that the game uses your Avatar as your rider and the outfits and gear you can buy looks great. I do wish you could actually wear the gear as your regular avatar outfit outside the game though.

The controls in the game are simple. You have throttle and gas, trick buttons and a boost button. Thatís basically it. As you add upgrades to your bike the handling gets much better which is something I was concerned with when first firing up the game and playing a few races. Doing tricks will earn you boost as well as XP for your rider so be sure to take every advantage to do tricks when you can.


Aside from the career you have the multiplayer option to dabble in. The only difference from the single player campaign racing is that you are racing against real people. Create your own lobby or jump into a quick match and show your stuff. Youíll get a normal race mode, and exploration mode and the trick mode to compete in. You can race with 2 players locally in split screen while online as well which is very cool.

The game as a whole is a lot of fun to play and I put in quite a few hours over the last week leveling my rider up. The inclusion of the Avatar Famestar program and the bike club adds a lot of replay value to the game. And the more friends you have playing it the better the game gets. While I wonít be so quick to compare this to the old Motocross Madness I will say that fans of the series should enjoy this game. Unfortunately there are no track editors as of yet but letís hope that is something that may be down the road. Is the game worth picking up? Absolutely. I think it should be part of any racing fanís library. 800 Microsoft Points is a pretty good price point for everything this game has to offer. Grab it now.

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