Geometry Wars 3 Now Available On Xbox One and 360
Next Chapter in the Award-Winning Geometry Wars Franchise is Newest Title Released under the Sierra Label. Click To Read Article

Dark Souls 2 Coming To Xbox One In April 2015
Prepare to die again and again and again with all new content for the next generation platforms. Click To Read Article

Tales From The Bordlerlands World Premiere Trailer
Get a glimpse at Telltales newest project featuring the beloved Borderlands series. Click To Read Article

Pure Pool Pockets November 14th Release Date On Xbox One
Get ready to have some great fun with this pool simulation. Leagues, DNA and more are part of the game. Click To Read Article

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Trailer and 43 Xbox One Screenshots
We have a ton of screenshots to share with you as well as the First Person gameplay trailer. Enjoy. Click To Read Article

Ubisoft Releases Anomaly Trailer For Assassins Creed Unity
The days are slowly passing by as we approach the release of Unity. A new video has been released to get you ready. Click To Read Article

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer Released
We have less than a week until the game hits consoles. In the meantime, check out the new live action trailer. Click To Read Article

Ubisoft Announces Closed Beta For The Crew
If you preorder the game you are guaranteed to get in, otherwise be sure to register for the waiting list. Click To Read Article

Check out the Witcher 3 Opening Cinematic...Wow
We thought the Witcher 2 looked excellent on the 360, but Witcher 3 looks absolutely amazing. Check out the opening cinematic. Click To Read Article

Shadow Warrior Is Now Available On Xbox One
New enemies await the Wang on the console. Yes, we said that. Well actually, the line comes from the PR email. Anyway, check out the trailer and screens. Click To Read Article

Astro Headset Line Available For Xbox One
The A-40 and A-50 are now available on Xbox One and better than ever. Click To Read Article

Silence - The Whispered World 2 Coming To Xbox One
The game was previously announced for PC and Mac and its now been confirmed for the Xbox One as well. Click To Read Article

Monopoly Family Fun Pack Comes This Holiday
The Hasbro Game Channel comes this holiday and here is a little of what to expect. Click To Read Article

MX vs ATV Supercross Rider List Revealed
MX vs ATV Supercross hits the Xbox 360 on Tuesday and we have the full rider list for you today. Click To Read Article

Fantasia: Music Evolved Now Available
This is one game that you should check out if you know nothing about it. Disney and Harmonix are the perfect pairing for a video game. Click To Read Article

South Park Pinball Coming This Week
Be on the look out for the entire gang coming to consoles this week on two new brand new tables. Click To Read Article

Treasure Goblin Mania in Diablo III: Ultimate Edition
We are not sure if its a bug, or special little treat that Blizzard through in there. All we know is that it was epic! Click To Read Article

Want A Chance To Participate In The Evolve Big Alpha
We have a code that gives you a chance to be selected for the Evolve Big Alpha. Of course you can preorder to guarantee entry. Click To Read Article

Daiblo III: UE Gets Patch 2.1.0 On Xbox One
Greater rifts, the vault and more now added to an already great game. Click To Read Article

Assassins Creed Unity Season Pass Details Revealed
Get your hands on a new stand alone game, new storym and lots of new missions. But oddly, the price has not been announced yet. Click To Read Article

















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