WWE 2K15 Gets New November Release Date
2K and WWE want to be sure they put out the best possible product. WWE 2K15 is looking really good so far. Click To Read Article

Destiny Opens Up The First Raid
Beware, you will want to be a Level 26 or higher to complete this raid. Click To Read Article

Assassins Creed Unity Co-op Trailer
The next few installments of Assassins Creed are closing in fast. Check out the coop trailer for Unity that released today. Click To Read Article

CastleStorm Definitive Edition On Xbox One Next Week
Zen Studios announced that Castlestorm will arrive next week on the Xbox One. You really need to check out this game. Click To Read Article

Grand Theft Auto V Gets Release Date and New Screenshots
Exclusive content deals, new graphics and more coming with the next gen GTA V. Click To Read Article

New Adventure Time Screens Released
Game based on the Cartoon Network television series is set to release in November. Click To Read Article

Activision Announces The Voice Coming in October
Loosen up those vocal cords and see if you have what it takes to be the next big thing. Click To Read Article

Assassins Creed Unity 11 Minute Walkthrough Trailer
Creative Director Alex Amancio walks us through this exciting first look at a co-op heist mission from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Click To Read Article

Ubisoft Releases A New Trailer For The Crew
Check out the massive map you'll be cruising around when The Crew arrives in November in this new trailer. Click To Read Article

Dying Light Coming Earlier Than Expected
You'll get to curb stomp some zombies earlier than expected. Techland releases a new Dev Diary. Click To Read Article

Assassins Creed Collection Coming In October To 360
Get 3 great games packaged in one coming this October. Click To Read Article

Destiny Breaks $500 Million Mark On Day One
Destiny is the Most Successful New Video Game Franchise Launch of All Time. Click To Read Article

FIFA 15 Demo Now Available
Download the demo today from the Xbox Marketplace for the platform of your choice. Click To Read Article

Batman Arkham Knight Set For June 2nd Release
We now know when Batman will arrive and he is bringing some collector editions with him. Check them out. Click To Read Article

Its Time To Get Gaming Back To Being Fun For EVERYONE
Fingers are pointed all the time. People are called names and shunned for who they are or how they play. Its time to grow up gaming community. Time for the good people to unite. Click To Read Article

Activision Releases New Multiplayer Trailer
Dive deep into the multiplayer with the brand new trailer. Click To Read Article

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Arrives Friday September 5th
Here it comes folks. Finally, Minecraft will emerge from the depths of development to your console. Click To Read Article

Flockers Is Coming To Xbox One One Sept. 19
From the makes of Worms comes a new game that involves sheep. Yes, sheep. Click To Read Article

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Announced
A new standalone expansion to Saints Row IV and the full game of Saints Row IV coming to Xbox One. Click To Read Article

Ubisoft Release A Few New Unity Screenshots
We are moving ever so closer to Assassins Creed Unity and Ubisoft teases us with a few new screens. Click To Read Article














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