RIP JD 1010 RU - You Will Be Greatly Missed
We lost a dear friend to the XXLGaming community and the world lost a wonderful person. Click To Read Article

Riptide GP 2 Now Available on Xbox One - Buy It!
Buy it now. A fun waverunner racing game for $5? It is a no brainer. Click To Read Article

Trials Fusion - Online Multiplayer Available, New DLC Incoming
Race online with your friends now and get ready for the largest DLC content pack yet. Click To Read Article

IZLE Announced - Save the World of Light In the Upcoming Sandbox Action-Adventure RPG
Izle Gives Players Ultimate Freedom and Terraforming Power on Steam and Next-Gen Consoles Click To Read Article

Gearbox and 2K Announces Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
Finally, we are getting Borderlands on the Xbox One. If you have the money, you can even get your own claptrap. Click To Read Article

Check out the all new Saints Row Launch Trailer
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected arrive next week and we have another genius trailer to behold. Click To Read Article

Forza Motorsport 6 Revealed At Detroit Auto Show
Shocking news comes out of the Detroit Auto Show as Turn 10 and Microsoft announced a partnership with Ford. Click To Read Article

Be Notified When Xbox Live Is Up and Running
Xbox will send you a text when the service is back up and running. Click To Read Article

Minecraft Update Adds Horses, Witches, Fireworks and More
The 1.64 update is here for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. And best of all, its completely free if you own the game. Check out the trailer and screenshots. Click To Read Article

2 Brand New Elements Revealed For Skylanders
For the first time in franchise history, 2 new elements are being introduced to the game with an expansion. New zones and villains. Click To Read Article

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island Expansion Available Now
Check out the all new expansion DLC for Forza Horizon 2 in the brand new trailer that just released. Click To Read Article

Adr1ft Teaser Trailer Drifts To Us From Space
Check out this trailer for what appears to be a very suspenseful game and one that will not be friendly to anyone afraid of suffocating. Click To Read Article

Venom Gets Ready To Terrorize Pinball FX2 With New Trailer
The newest Marvel table is coming to Pinball FX 2 this week. Check out the launch trailer. Click To Read Article

Blood Bowl 2 Coming To Xbox One This Spring
NO HOLDS ARE BARRED IN THE KICKOFF TRAILER! Check out all the screens we have as well. Click To Read Article

Bandai Namco Reveals New Two Wheel Racer RIDE
RIDE to Feature More Than 100 Bikes and a High Level of Customization to Become the Perfect Rider. Click To Read Article

Crystal Mickey Brings Magic To Disney Infinity 2.0
Everyone has anticipated his arrival and now he is finally here. Have you picked up your Mickey yet? Click To Read Article

Classic Title Kings Quest Revealed For Fall 2015
Let the nostalgia begin. We cannot tell you how excited we are for this game. Yeah, we are showing our age but this one is a classic. Click To Read Article

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Musical Trailer Is Pure Awesome
Deep Silver has a way with trailers and Saints Row definitely gives them a great canvas to create something out of this world. Check out the new trailer. Click To Read Article

Geometry Wars 3 Now Available On Xbox One and 360
Next Chapter in the Award-Winning Geometry Wars Franchise is Newest Title Released under the Sierra Label. Click To Read Article

Dark Souls 2 Coming To Xbox One In April 2015
Prepare to die again and again and again with all new content for the next generation platforms. Click To Read Article

















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