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Deadpool is a comic book character you either know plenty about or you know nothing about at all. He is a smart-ass, self-centered, fame seeking super hero that has no real goal in life other than killing all the bad guys or collecting a huge bounty. He is definitely one of a kind and this game is suited perfectly to his persona. There is plenty of adult humor and actually quite a few jaw dropping moments, but if you are a Deadpool fan its nothing you would not expect. There will be plenty of moments where you'll actually find it hard to believe what you seen or heard on the screen. That is awesome in my book.

The great development team at High Moon Studios is responsible for this game. They should hold their heads up high as it definitely holds to the quality we have come to know from them after experiencing the Transformers franchise. Research, details and their own style are injected into this game which make it a true work of passion. The game is solid from the great voiceover work and script to solid gameplay and visuals. This game definitely earns the M rating from start to finish so I would think twice about letting little Billy play this one. Keep it for yourself Mom and Dad and experience a game full of awesome and quite funny moments throughout.


Visually, you’ll get the standard comic book style that’s expected with most super hero related games. Lots of explosions, beefed up characters, sexy ladies with extra-large…well…you know. And of course Deadpool points all these things out to you as you play through the game. There is even an interesting 8-bit mode that is injected into the game play at one point that feels oh so right. There are a few times the camera can get a little iffy, especially during combat but you can overcome those moments and there will be several in game moments that will make you forget all about those camera issues.

The game is a third person action shooter with plenty of gun play, sword fighting and gadgets. There really is nothing groundbreaking when it comes to gameplay but in this game I am okay with that. You can choose how you want to play the game whether it’s all melee, all shooting, or a combination of both. As you roll through the levels you’ll earn credits which allow you to upgrade abilities, weapons and buy new gadgets. If you can score big combos you can earn a lot in credits to earn those more expensive perks. With a press of the back button you’ll have access to your upgrade menu at any point during the game. Some upgrades even allow you to earn more money which can come in quite handy as you progress further into the game. Deadpool regenerates health so that helps quite a bit but you can also upgrade the regeneration ability too.


You’ll want to give the campaign a run for sure as this is the bread and butter of the game. Take your time. As you explore through each chapter, especially the first chapter. The shock factor kicks in immediately from the moment the game starts up and if you have any sense of humor you’ll find yourself chuckling out loud. Listening to Deadpool, as well as his inner voices is a treat and never once gets dull. Seeing how perverted and vulgar Deadpool makes this game one of a kind and will really get people interested in this super hero is they were not previously. I mean seriously. How can a super hero be so in your face adult oriented yet still be someone that you care about and want to help succeed throughout the story. And how can you not go wrong with appearances by some of the X-Men most notably Wolverine.

The controls in the game are pretty straight forward. You’ll use a button for jumping, one for light attacks and one for heavy attacks. Another button will allow Deadpool to teleport around enemies when that ability is charged. You’ll string together combos which earn cash, ammo and even taco icons. Be sure to pick those up as you’ll be able to earn an achievement. Gun play is handled with the triggers. One for aiming and the other is used for shooting. There are plenty of weapons and attack combos at your disposal and those can be unlocked in the upgrade menu. As I mentioned earlier, the camera can get turned around from time to time and you’ll find yourself in awkward positions but it’s not a huge problem.

The audio in the game is freaking awesome. All of the voiceover work is superb and really adds depth to the game. Deadpool’s personality shines in the one liners and listening to his inner voices is quite hilarious. All of the voices in the game lend to the games atmosphere and environment. The acting in this game is truly what makes it. I have no complaints about the other sounds in the game but as you can probably tell most of those sounds are obscured by Deadpool’s constant barrage of smart-ass comments and attitude.


Once you have completed the campaign, there are plenty of challenges for you to run through. To unlock these challenges you will have to complete chapters in the story. The challenges are straight forward goals that you must achieve in order to obtain a medal. For instance the first challenge requires you to defeat the enemies in 3 minutes or less to obtain a bronze medal. Waves of enemies will be spawned and you’ll have to take them out quickly. At the end of each wave “loot” is dropped so be sure to pick it up. You can change the difficulty for better challenges. Now unfortunately for me the leaderboard for the challenges did not seem to be working for me as I set multiple scores but never appeared on the leaderboard. They do work though as I saw multiple folks listed.

You’ll also want to check out the extras menu and take a gander at the character bios. These are short little introductions to a few of the Marvel characters that you will come in contact with. Deadpool gives you a run down on each of the characters and interjects his own thoughts on them. And of course the women characters are bodacious and beautiful.

Deadpool is a ton of fun to play, to watch, and to listen to. No, its not game of the year but it's a great purchase for comic book fans. The action is intense and the gameplay is well balanced throughout. A great storyline carries the game well from beginning to end and the inclusion of the challenges gives you even more playing time. Even if you never even heard of Deadpool you will find this game a lot of fun. And keep in mind it’s rated M for a reason and it won’t take long to figure out why. Seriously, what game allows you to go in and sit down create stink pickles? Not even GTA has gone that far. Stink pickles? Just play the game and see for yourself. Well worth the investment.

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