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Posted On: 8/27/2012  Publisher: Activision

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If you know me then you know that I absolutely love the Transformers. I have loved them since the 80ís when I was a kid and remember rushing home to watch them and G.I.Joe. on television. Even though some of the Transformers titles in the recent years have been less than stellar I still enjoyed them to a certain extent. But High Moon Studios took my breath away with War For Cybertron and has done exactly the same with Fall of Cybertron.

High Moon Studios knows Transformers and the fact that Hasbro gave them all kinds of creative reigns definitely help inspire some great content with in the first game and now following that up with some new awesome content in the second game. The amount of Transformers that make and appearance in the game, while not all playable, is absolutely amazing. Iím still waiting for a playable Wheeljack though in a campaign mode. I know Ratchet takes his place mostly, but I would still love to see him. But to my surprise, Wheeljack is actually in the game. Thanks Matt Teiger!!! Iíll discuss where you can find Wheeljack a little later.

The cinematics in this game are second to none and the storyline that backs up the cinematics is phenomenal for any Transformers fan. I would even dare to say that this game could create new Transformer fans. Who could not like Grimlock! Especially since he is in playable form in the game. But letís not forget that this is a multiplayer game too and a pretty good one at that with plenty of customization.


This game looks fantastic even outside the cinematics. The detail in the Transformers and the entire world you are experiencing is amazing. High Moon Studios definitely paid attention to detail. Each Transformer has their own unique quirks and special details that are extremely visible when you take the moment to really look. Cybertron looks great as well even in its war torn state. Itís a third person shooter where you will play in both robot form and vehicle form. The controls are easy to master and about the only thing youíll have is accidental transformations during heated combat.

The campaign is a bit different than War For Cybertron. In WFC, you had 2 separate single player campaigns where you played as the Autobots in one and the Decepticons in the other. This time around you get one single campaign that will alternate a bit between the two factions. Now the one disappointing thing to me is that you never get to choose who you are for each chapter of the campaign. But each chapter is designed specifically for the character you are playing so I can see why this would not be an option. As I mentioned, it is still really cool to run into all sorts of Transformers as NPCís.

As you play through the campaign youíll also find audio logs and blueprints and here and there you will find some cool little hidden items. All I can say is that be sure you roam around quite a bit and also be sure to talk to all the NPCís you can. There are definitely hidden bonuses out there for Transformers fans. My hat goes off and a big thank you to High Moon for including things for us Transformer geeks.


There are some really cool moments in the campaign mode. At one point youíll control Megaplex through Optimus Prime. When you seem to be overwhelmed by Decepticons you can call in the help of Megaplex and pinpoint an area for him to attack. You donít necessarily run around as Megaplex but itís still cool. One of the other cool things is to reign terror on your enemy as Grimlock. He is a beast and you can feel his power with his attacks and breathing fire. Iíll be the first to say that the campaign is a blast to play and there is a lot of variety in the missions. One thing I didnít care much for was when pulling levers you actually had to grab the lever with a button press and then pull the lever with the analog stick. I felt it was a bit unnecessary but I guess it makes it feel a little more interactive. The other issue I have is that the camera at times can be a little clunky and while the Transformers go transparent when you are behind them youíll still notice that itís easy to get turned around especially when in battle.

So as you can tell, I was pretty darn happy with the single player campaign. But Fall of Cybertron does not stop there. Youíve got a full online multiplayer mode as well as a mode called Escalation. Iíll talk about Escalation for a few moments. Lately, Horde mode has become a popular extra mode in many of the shooter games out there and in essence that is what this mode is. Youíll take on waves of enemies that increasingly get more difficult in the higher waves. Unfortunately there is only 15 waves, but whatís great is that you can take these waves on with up to 3 friends online. When you start the mode youíll be assigned to a faction, either Autobots or Deceptions dependent upon the map choice. That map choice will also determine the characters that are playable. This is where I found good ole Wheeljack! As you make kills you will earn money that can be used to purchase ammo, new weapons and open doors similar to zombie mode in Call of Duty. This mode is a lot of fun and even more fun to play with friends, especially is they are Transformers geeks like myself.


Finally, you have the multiplayer mode and this is where many folks will spend a lot of their time. This game doesnít try to be something different and can be condemned of being the same old shooter. But High Moon didnít have to try to be anything different because they have solid characters with the Transformers universe. What it does offer that is really cool is the ability to build and customize your own Transformer. There are 4 classes to choose from: Destroyer, Infiltrator, Scientist and Titan. You can pretty much tell what abilities each class entails by their name. Youíll have a huge variety of visual customization to make your Transformer creation your own. A lot of thing are locked initially and youíll have to play the game and level up to unlock new items. You can create a Transformer for each class and also make one for each faction. As I said, High Moon isnít trying to recreate the online universe. You can expect your typical game modes like Conquest and Team Deathmatch as well as others.

Transformer fans will love this game. Shooter fans should love this game. And anyone that loves deep customization should love this game. Itís got solid online and offline options and who can go wrong with the Transformers. I hope High Moon is never forced into a movie based title again because their best work shows when they are given full creative reign. Those guys are a super talented group and it shows through in the game. Transformers is a superb game from start to finish. Gamers should experience this title whether they have any interest in Transformers or not. This is one great game. Period.

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