Posted On: 7/1/2013  Publisher: indiePub

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I am a gamer that enjoys a good puzzle and I always get a great sense of accomplishment from the ability to solve puzzles and proceed further into a game. Storm is one of those games that challenges me throughout while keeping things fairly simple for those new to puzzle games. IndiePub and EKO have done an excellent job with this game from visuals to actually gameplay. While there are a few quirks here and there, you should enjoy yourself with little to no frustration other than from your own doing.

Storm is an interesting puzzle game that uses the physics of weather related events to move a seed from one point to another point on a given map. It痴 a relaxing yet challenging experience and increasingly gets more difficult with each puzzle you encounter. Throw into the mix some changing seasons and you have a whole new dynamic within the game that adds extra challenge. The game also gives you two modes to play called Adventure mode, Free mode and Spirit mode. I値l get into each one a little more in a moment.


Graphically, the game is a blend of superb water colored environments with weather effects that really make this game shine. The colors are bright and vibrant and add to the ambience the game is trying to create. Even though it痴 a little tree seed that you are trying to save you値l quickly gain some empathy for the little bugger as he rolls about the landscapes. The wind, rain and lightning effects are really cool and give you a sense of power as you play god. The audio is great but there are moments when the sound will cut out, more specifically the music as it resets to the beginning of the musical score.

As mentioned, you値l have three different game modes to play. Adventure mode will have you making your way through several levels of increased difficulty. This in essence is your campaign mode. Your goal is to guide the little seed from its original tree to fertile soil so that it can grow. Sometimes you値l have to plant the seed in multiple times in order to traverse a level and plant it in its final resting place. Spirit mode gives you a time limit in which you must touch as many spirits as possible with the seed. Free mode allows you to go in and replay levels in order to better your time.


So as I said earlier, you値l navigate the little seed from the beginning of the level to the end of the level using weather elements. The weather effects will only work in limited areas on the map and at times you値l have to make sure all of your timing is correct in order to complete the level. The wind is used to blow the seed from one point to another. The rain is used to fill up ditches and holes with water allowing for the seed to float or perhaps logs as well to create a bridge. The water evaporates over time so you値l have to be quick. The lightning is used to make the seed jump as well as crumble solid items that could be in the path of the seed. Sometimes these items can also be used to make a path so be sure to look over a level completely when starting. Using the terrain is a huge part in completing level whether its using logs or bubbles or something else that may arise.

There are some leaderboards for you to compare your scores with the world or friends. The adventure mode leaderboards are based on your total time it takes to move the seed through each and every level. The lower the time total is the higher you will be ranked. The spirit mode leaderboards are based on the spirits you have freed as well as time remaining. In this leaderboard the higher the time, the better but you also have to calculate in the number of spirits freed as well.


Overall, the controls are fairly decent using the analog sticks to maneuver your targeting system and aiming system and a single button press to create a weather effect. If you get stuck you can always press the B button and the seed will be returned to the last tree it resided. At times getting lined up to blow the wind can be a bit tricky especially when you have to time thing exactly right.

I really enjoyed this game despite a few moments that were frustrating and the controls from time to time got a little clunky. While the game may not be perfect it痴 a nice blend of physics and gameplay that seems to work pretty well. The weather effects looks fantastic and there is nothing like turning the sky black and striking the earth with huge bolts of lightning. There are a total of 49 levels that should keep you busy especially if you are trying to better your time and climb the leaderboards. There are some outstanding times on those leaderboards so good luck. I have to recommend Storm to anyone that enjoys puzzles and physics based games. The game definitely lives up to the 800 Microsoft Points you will pay for it. Go check the trial out and I guarantee you値l be hooked and want to play more.

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