Posted On: 6/1/2010  Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

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Ever wonder what itís like to go to hell and back? Well now you can experience it for yourself. All you have to do is load up Doom 2 on your Xbox 360 Arcade and fight your way through this mid 90ís PC shooter. This game is a definitely an early classic.

If you have never played Doom 2 or any of the Doom series you are definitely missing out on some quality games. Doom is a first person shooter story line that has you running around maps battling enemies, finding switches, acquiring keys to unlock doors all just to get to the next level. Itís your typical early first person shooter with some twists.

Now just remember that this is a game from 1994. So the game play in the Doom 2 is not what you will be used to when compared to the likes of game in todayís society. It is quite good though even with simplified gameplay and graphics. Overall, the game was ported extremely well to fit the Xbox 360ís controller scheme. All of the controls are quite conveniently located on the controller and itís very easy to get used to. Remember, this was a game you played with a keyboard and mouse back in the day.
What really made me fancy the game play is the fact that the movement is very smooth. Nothing in the game looks like it is moving pixel by pixel. All except for the enemies turning from side to side but hey, it is pretty good for its time. And on top of all that I didnít come across any major flaws in the game play that are so often accustomed to old school pc ports.

Aside from the game play, the graphics in Doom 2 were converted very well also. It really does feel like you are playing on the old PC version but with all new controls and sound. The game is polished up a bit graphically, but most of it remains the same and holds true to the original. Remember, this is a classic and honestly had they screwed with too much in the game such as upgrading graphics and gameplay then it might as well be called Doom II HD 2010.

Along with the graphics and game play, the sound featured in the game represents the original game. Again, some of the music and sound effects do actually sound like they were cleaned up a bit to give off that more crisp and clean sound of the new era. But other than that, most of the sounds are original and really brings back a nostalgia feel to those that played it on the PC. Another job well done in the conversion of this game!
Now if you are an achievement hunter this game is a very fun 200 gamer score game. The achievements in the game are ďgamer friendlyĒ, or in other words, should be fairly simple for everyone to get. Only a few of them require extended game play of the game, but, with such a great arcade classic like this, who would mine putting in a few hours?

The game also features another episode aside from the original Doom 2 episode. The 9 all new levels included in the episode ďNo Rest For The LivingĒ provide more fun and entertainment for the fans that just canít get enough of the game. For a game that is 16 years old and all new levels have been created for it, that has to tell you something good about this game.
Also, why game alone? Invite your friends to play Doom 2 with you. Get some help battling those cyber demons or just have a casual relaxed time playing through the story in 1-4 player cooperative game play both online and offline. Or if you have a nasty trigger finger and want to take your friends on you can do so in an online death match. The online for the game is actually very good. No real graphic, sound or game play problems, but it could vary depending on your connection speed.

Doom 2 is excellent and definitely deserves to be included as a premiere title on Xbox Live Arcade. Overall the game is a perfect complement to its PC ancestor and it looks great too. So if you havenít downloaded this into your XBLA Library, what are you waiting for? Get out there and blast those Cyber Demons away and save earth and humanity once again!
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