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LocoCycle has finally made its appearance on the Xbox 360 after making its debut on the Xbox One last month. As I stated in my Xbox One review, I felt the game was better suited on the Xbox 360 and after playing the game I strongly feel that way now for sure. Had this game appeared only on the Xbox 360 I think it would have received a much better reception from critics and gamers. The game plays great on the Xbox 360. Now, donít get me wrong because it plays well on the Xbox One as well and the 1000 gamercore points is a nice bonus, but I think this honestly should have been an XBLA release from the start. Its falls along the same lines as Halo Spartan Assault for being a game that makes the 360 shine but feels mediocre on the Xbox One.

Twisted Pixel definitely has a sense of humor and this game really shows it. Now one thing you want to be aware of is that once you download the game youíll have to download an add-on that contains media that could not be included in the original game. Its only picture and art mainly, but you have to download it and youíll have to purchase it all in order to get one of the achievements.


So letís just be honest. LocoCycle isnít the greatest game in the world, but itís also not the worst to roll along to gamers. The game is on rails from start to finish and all you will really do is steer left and right as well as do some button mashing. Itís a very basic game on every level, but with a developer like Twisted Pixel part of me feels thatís the way they wanted it. And the price tag is pretty decent for this fairly simple and short game. I have to say that I would rather play it on the Xbox One since it offers up so much more gamerscore for the exact same experience.

For anyone that hasnít played the game on the Xbox One or maybe hasnít heard much about it let me give you a quick little insight into the story. The game follows the adventures of I.R.I.S. and Pablo as they race across the country in search for freedom, chicks and cold frosty beverages. I.R.I.S. was meant to be a super weapon used by military and terrorists around the world but a lightning strike fries her circuit and she suddenly sees a different side to life as a bike. She attaches herself to Pablo and takes him on the ride of his life as the evil corporation that created her tries to take her down.

There are several regions you will race through each contain a few levels and plenty of enemy resistance. As you progress in the story enemies will get much stronger and more difficult to beat and youíll even have another bike named Spike , voiced by Robert Patrick, that you will have to contend with. His mission is to destroy you. Youíll mostly find yourself driving on the road but there are some moments when youíll be thrust onto the waters as a bike with water ski talents and another time when youíll be airborne with her flying ability. Regardless of the instance, there are plenty of enemies to destroy.


I.R.I.S. has an upgrade system that allows you to upgrade systems with credits you earn after each level. These credits come from your performance through each section of the separate levels. Different sections can mean fighting off dozens of enemies and amassing a huge combo using melee techniques. Or perhaps your accuracy when using your weapons systems. Regardless, there are plenty of credits to be earned and then youíll be able to upgrade things like your turbo system, weapons and health.

The combat system seems like a button mashing system but it really isnít always the case. There will be moments when you have to press a button or make a stick movement at a precise time in order to perform a counter or dodge something. Now donít get me wrong as youíll be mashing the buttons quite heavily in certain instances but itís not enough to cramp up your hands. And while it does get repetitious in nature itís also fun to see how high of a combo you can get in certain situations. There are many quicktime moments in the game as well which will require precision and timing to score well.

Along with the combat is the driving aspect as I mentioned where youíll mainly just steer right and left to avoid things on the screen. There are some some moments in the game when Pablo will be forced to repair I.R.I.S. by looking for the problem and then fixing it. Youíll only have so much time to repair her since there is either a big train or truck moving quickly towards your stationary location.


The game pays homage to a lot of old school movies and television shows which I enjoyed greatly. I still chuckle listening to I.R.I.S. talk about things that I can related having grown up in the 70's and 80's. I also enjoyed checking out the videos that gave you a behind the scenes look at how they made the real life bikes and filmed the live action cut scenes. While the acting itself it pretty lame it seems to go hand in hand with the game. There are times when I almost want to think Twisted Pixel made this game generic and bad on purpose. But having Robert Patrick play the part of Spike really added to the game for me as I remember him as the cop that shattered into millions of pieces in the Terminator movie. He just fits into the scheme of things here.

As a whole, LocoCycle is an interesting game and much of the humor and antics in the game are expected from Twisted Pixel. Even though the game can be very repetitive throughout it can be fun and the achievements are pretty easy to obtain. As I mentioned earlier, I would probably recommend grabbing the Xbox One version over the 360 version if you have that option. Thatís mainly because you get 1000 Gamerscore with the Xbox One and only 400 with the 360 version. Check out the demo on the Xbox 360 to see what you think of the game before investing. Many will enjoy it, but many will be bored.

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