Rayman Legends (Xbox One)

Posted On: 2/22/2014  Publisher: Ubisoft

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Rayman Legends is one of my favorite games to hit the Xbox 360 consoles last year and now I get to play it on the Xbox One as well. This game will appeal to the hearts of every platformer lover out there. It's witty, colorful and full of fun and the replayability factor is off the charts. For those of you that played the game on the Xbox 360 much hasn't changed really. The colors and graphics are a little more crisp and it looks fantastic but the gameplay and content is basically the same as it was on the Xbox 360. Hey, at least you get to relive the great experience all over again as well as earn another 1000 GS to add to your ever growing Gamerscore.

So this review is more for those that have not experience this gem of a game. Without a doubt in my mind I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Itís a boat load of fun every time you fire up the game and the daily and weekly challenges just keep the fun going on and on. Rayman Legends combines great platformer gameplay with catchy music and stylish levels that will keep you on your toes. There is a ton of variety when it comes to level design, enemies and goals you need to achieve. Ubisoft definitely has a winning combination on hand for this game.


You will play as Rayman, or one of the many other unlockable Heroes and cruise through each level collecting Lums and trying to set free all of the Teensies. There is no difference in character abilities or speed between the different characters. Itís all about your preference and playing as your favorite character. A dark force has taken over the land and imprisoned the Teensies so itís up to you to find them in each level and set them free. Youíll have to fight some bosses along the way and youíll encounter a variety of enemies and hazards in each level.

In each level youíll run as fast as you can collecting Lums, freeing Teensies and trying to stay alive from start to finish. Each level will reward you with bonuses at the end of the level for completing certain tasks like helping the King and Queen or collecting a certain amount of Lums. Some levels will require you to keep moving forward while other levels you can take your time somewhat and explore the levels to find everything you need. Remember, you get awarded for finishing levels quickly regardless so youíll want to keep on the move as much as you can.


Outside of the single player levels, which there are plenty to keep you busy, youíll also have online challenges that you can complete. As you level up in Awesomeness you will unlock 4 different types of challenges. These challenges are: Weekly, Extreme Weekly, Daily and Extreme Daily. The daily challenges change on a daily basis as the name suggests while the weekly change on a weekly basis. Duh. Youíll compete in these challenges against the world and your friends trying to obtain the best score whether it be a distance traveled, Lums collected, or a record fast time collecting a certain number of Lums. The challenge will let you know what you need to accomplish. The different between the regular challenges and Extreme Challenges is in difficulty alone. At the end of a challenge you will get rewarded a trophy cup (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) depending on where you finish in the overall leaderboard. Just because you may have gotten a Gold cup on your first try doesn't mean you canít lose it. Other players can knock you out of contention for a certain cup and youíll be required to go back in a better your score.

There are also other modes of play such as a soccer style game called Kung Foot that allows you to play locally with up to four players. Sorry no online multiplayer here. Itís a fun little game to play for a bit but itís more of a filler than anything so not too much to see here. Youíll find a Back to Origins mode which puts you back into some maps that appeared in the Rayman Origins title a while back. This is great for nostalgia but it also adds to your Lum and Teensies count so be sure to complete the levels. There truly is a lot packed into this game from all the unlockables to musical gameplay modes that are really done well.


As I stated before, I would recommend this game in a heartbeat to anyone. The game serves up some good ole fun, period. Sure, there aren't any online multiplayer aspects to the title but you'll get plenty of local co-op play in the Kung Foot game as well as running through levels together. Ubisoft may not have changed things up much for the Xbox One version but in my opinion I think a game that could have won Game of the Year last year deserves to be on the current generation platforms as well. Sure, I would have loved to seen a little more content come with the game in terms of exclusive levels and what not, but in the end you ares till getting a great game. This gives even more folks a chance to experience an awesome experience. I could sit here and go into detail everything the game has to offer, but I truly do not think there is a need for that. Whether you like platformers or not you should really consider adding this game to your library. Youíll find its worth every penny you spend, and the $40 price tag on Xbox One as a digital download is a steal.

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