Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Posted On: 11/16/2013  Publisher: Namco Bandai

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The Pac is back! Yes, he is back but not in the same form youíre used to. This time Pac and company come in platformer style and itís actually a bit of fun to play. The game is based on the animated television series and gives a 3-D perspective on all the characters and world of Pac-Man. Youíll have a full story mode to play through as well as some multiplayer experiences in Maze Mode. While this isnít the same Pac-Man game we are used to its got it moments that can be enjoyable.

Graphically, the game pops with color and resembles the cartoon very well in the environments as well as characters you will encounter. Some of the animations get re-used quite a bit especially when Pac-Man travels through the tube system in PacWorld. Unfortunately the camera at times can be quite clunky and there will even be times when youíll get a little lost as to where you need to go next. Most of the time the path is laid out nicely for you though. The pallet of colors is extensive and really makes this game appealing to look at though and I love the cartoon like cut scenes.


The game still holds some of the basic Pac-Man concepts like chomping Pac pellets and eating ghosts. Pac-Man can now chomp down on the ghosts at any time rather than needing a power pellet to turn them blue. You do have the opportunity to scare them though and cause them to turn blue and run away. But there really isnít a whole lot of need for that unless you are overwhelmed by several ghosts at once. There is even a maze mode that I will talk about in a bit. But mostly this is a modern day platformer that follows the general equation that most developer are using.

Pac-Man can change into various modes by eating certain color Power pellets. For instance, if you eat an orange pellet then youíll take on fire abilities and if you eat a blue one you will have special ice powers. Iím sure you get the point. There is even a moment when youíll play as Pac-Man in a huge rolling stone ball form which was actually a pretty cool level once I got the controls down. So itís pretty easy to say that there is a ton of variety in the game and not just monotonous pellet and ghost chomping.

The variety in enemies and obstacles you will face is pretty varied. There are different types of ghosts that have their own special abilities. Some can shoot fire, others can freeze you with ice and a few can even teleport to your location. Youíll be able to easily recognize each of the ghosts by the color they are. Along with the varied ghosts youíll have to use your own special suits and abilities to traverse the levels whether freezing some water to get to a higher point or using your green tongue to swing across a gap.


As with any platformer today, youíll have a world map that allows you to easily choose levels and select your path to finish each stage. Each level will have a piece of fruit or a coin available to collect which you use to unlock arcade unit in the school hub. I never really did figure out what the school hub was for other than unlocking a few arcade machines. Anyhow, there are a variety of themed worlds each having several levels and a final boss battle. I do want to make mention of the level names though. There are quite a few that are parodies on other games so be sure to pay attention real close. One of my favorites is the one that pays homage to Gears of War.

One thing that you definitely want to do is to chomp anything and everything you see. Collectibles are hidden throughout the levels but youíll also be collecting power pellets, fruit and coins along the way. There are even extra lives to find and one of the achievements is to acquire 50 total lives so be sure you keep looking. The great thing about this game is that levels can be replayed so if you miss something you can go back at any time and replay the level. Sometimes you have to replay the level to unlock the other item available.


Outside of the story mode there is a local multiplayer mode as well. In this mode youíll play as ghosts as ghosts trying to get Pac-Man in a classic maze style presentation. In the center of the screen youíll see the maze but in each of the four screen quadrants youíll see a 3-D perspective of each ghost running through the maze. There are power ups for you to collect and use to hinder the progress of your opponents. Itís a fun little twist in the game and something you should check out. Your ultimate goal in this mode is to get to Pac-Man first.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a pretty fun game for the whole family. It wonít appeal to your hardcore gamers all that much but itís not intended to. There will be some nostalgia in the game for older gamers like myself but also plenty of new stuff to appease the younger generations. There are a few clunky moments in the game and a few times I had to restart a level due to some technical issues but they were few and far between. Typical platfomer frustrations will arise, but the game is still fun in the end. I thin Namco Bandai did a great job with this giving gamers of all ages something to enjoy. Itís far from perfect but itís even farther from being considered a bad game.

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