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Posted On: 10/23/2013  Publisher: Activision

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Iíve always enjoyed the Cabelaís hunting games and while they havenít always been the greatest hunting experiences they definitely provided me with hours of fun. Well, some frustration at some points too. The problem with Cabelaís games though is that many hunters do not find the game realistic and while I am not a true life hunter I do have to agree with the comparison to real life hunting. Many of the Cabela games end up just being a shooting gallery more than a hunting experience.

Cabelaís African Adventures is no different in that respect. The game is primarily and arcade based shooter with very little knowledge of hunting needed to be successful. Many times you can just run up on animals and bag as many as you can quickly before they run away. I used this technique when hunting the smaller game, but it can be used for the bigger game. You wonít find much in the way of tracking animals and most times you just come face to face with your target just by heading to a certain point on the map. See what I mean when I say there is no actual hunting.


Now, donít get me wrong though. This can be fun if you just want to go out and bag some big beasts and hang their trophies on your virtual wall. The game does have a campaign/story mode that will have you roaming around various regions in Africa. Youíll gain XP for completing hunts, finding upgrades and viewpoints as well as other side objectives. But again, the game never actually becomes a realistic hunting game despite your abilities you gain such as stealth, or firing warning shots, etc. So in a way, youíll be increasing the skill of your hunter as you level up in XP, but in all honesty the game really is more of a shooting gallery than anything and that XP really does not factor in all that much to actual gameplay.

I have always enjoyed the Cabelaís games and have been reviewing them for a few years now. While I understand the desire of many hunters to have a realistic simulation style of game we also have to remember that those folks are usually out in the woods doing the real thing. So this game is designed more for the arm chair hunter who doesnít want his fingers to get cold, or his feet to get wet or catch the flu from being in frigid temps. This game is designed for folks like me and is meant to be fun. I would be interested in a simulation style game but this will do.

There are realistic aspects to the game such as using decoys, scents and other hunting gear. But the inclusion of the arcade style moments like when you can slowdown time and view the vital organs of animals takes away from that reality. It also seems at times some of the shotguns you'll use have almost to much range to them while some of the rifles are the opposite. Its still fun though to mess around with different combinations to get varying results. I do like how you can tell which way the wind is blowing when tracking animals as well as identifying tracks.


The story mode takes you on a journey to Africa where you are contracted to clear the land of some pesky animal targets. You play the role of the typical badass hunter man pumped up on all sorts of testosterone whoís hell bent on taking down as many targets as he can to score the most cash for his pocket. Letís just say the storyline is not going to win any kind of award any time soon. Itís an open world gameplay style that allows you to complete tasks at your own leisure and cruise around the land looking for collectibles at your own pace.

There are multiple regions in the story mode containing different types of African wildlife. In each region youíll have viewpoints to find, much like Assassinís Creed. They are just high viewpoints that give you a glimpse of the land but thatís about all they do. There are also fossils to find which unlock special items like weapon upgrades.

Outside of the story mode youíll have the standard shooting galleries. For those who havenít experienced this mode itís just pretty much what the name suggests. Youíll have hordes of animals to shoot at to score points, grab multipliers and special power ups in order to attain the highest score possible. Itís a fun break from the story mode. Honestly, I wish they gave us access to machine guns in this mode because that would make it even more fun. Regardless, just head on out and try and score the best you can to top the leaderboards.


While the game is fun, there are points in the game where the animals are just plain stupid and the AI responds in awkward manners. I realize this is a game that just pushes the Cabelaís brand to the masses but canít we get a little more realistic? Several times I got stuck in the terrain and actually had to shut the game off just to get out of the predicament I was in. Thatís unacceptable honestly. I donít expect any game to be perfect but major game breaking bugs are definitely something that should not be in any game.

If you are looking for a simulation style hunting experience than I can say whole heartedly that African Adventures is not what you are looking for. Frankly, there have been no real simulation style hunting games for quite some time which is unfortunate. And this game can get a bit repetitive especially with the way the animals react and the scenarios that you are put into. But if you are looking for a casual hunting experience with arcade like features to keep things interesting than by all means you should check out this title. Itís really all about your own tastes here. I had fun with the game even despite its generic feel at times and youíll definitely rack up some gamerscore. But I also hope for a full simulation style hunting and fishing game to come along soon that truly puts you in a hunt and makes you use real life tactics and strategies.

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