Angry Birds Star Wars

Posted On: 11/5/2013  Publisher: Activision

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Angry Birds is one of my favorite games on mobile devices and it passes the time away plus I like the challenges of obtaining high scores in the leaderboards. Angry Birds hit the consoles with Trilogy and now it has returned with Star Wars, but unfortunately this time around the game seems to be lacking polish which is surprising. Itís still a fun game for Angry Birds fans, but many issues deter the overall fun factor and actually make the game annoying at times. I still got some enjoyment from the game but also got quite a bit of frustration too.

Angry Birds Star Wars gives you access to over 200 levels including exclusive levels for the console version of the game. Unfortunately, the game only covers the initial Star Wars release and not Angry Birds Star Wars II which was released just recently. What I found as I played through the game is that the game did not seem very streamlined for the console in many ways. The menu system was somewhat clunky and things that should be easily accessible were not.


So letís talk about the menu system really quick. First off, youíll have your standard single player, multiplayer and continue options. Okay, thatís a given and easy to navigate. Once you pull up the single player game youíll quickly start to get lost when looking for information like the leaderboards, achievements, etc. As I played through the levels I truly had no idea where to find the leaderboards and accidentally stumbled across the button at the bottom of the level selection screen. Why in the heck do you have to turn the leaderboards on? This was a stupid idea. That information should be displayed prominently on the screen as you scroll through each level without effort. It was that way in the last console version so why change it?

The menu system is just atrocious in many respects outside of the leaderboard debacle but thatís only one of the issues this game faces. The game seems as though it was thrown together for the consoles. You will quickly notice that the sound is choppy and it almost seems as though your speakers are crackling and breaking up. No worries, itís not your speakers at all. How can this game sound this terrible? I am wondering what QA team thought that this was okay. And while the game looks pretty good overall it surprised me that trying to get precise aiming was a bit of a task. The controls seemed to be a little clunky or non-responsive at times.


Ok, so is there anything good to say about the game? Sure. Youíll get a wide variety of levels that span across different themed areas such as the Death Star, Hoth and even Boba Fett. Over 200 levels are at your fingertips as you progress through the game and that definitely gives the game a hefty amount of gaming hours. And of course, the replayability factor is there because youíll always try to strive for 3 stars on each level or acquiring those hidden items. If the leaderboards were a lot more prevalent in the game you would even have reason to keep playing levels over again but as we discussed thatís just a mess.

There are unlockables throughout the game and once again youíll have a heck of a time trying to find them in the current navigation scheme. Just head to the main menu and select the arrow down in the lower right side of the screen. That will open up an option menu and this is where you can view your unlockables such as stickers, short movies, and more. I really do not see much of a point to the stickers that are unlocked or why they are called stickers for that matter. But alas, you still unlock them as you progress. One thing that I do want to mention in the extras menu is the short movie clips. Rovio put together and animated short of the first few scenes of Episode IV. This was well done and I applaud them for including the short video clips. Any Star Wars fan will be able to appreciate it.


I was truly excited to play this game being a big Angry Birds fan and I can say I still had fun with it once I figured things out and fiddled with the controls a bit. There really isnít a whole lot of new shiny paint in this game if you have played it before on mobile devices. Youíll earn achievements though and thatís always a plus. I am interested in seeing what the Xbox One version of the game brings but I am not holding my breath at all for much in the way of change or new shiny paint. At $40 this is a bit steep especially when folks will compare it to the mobile version which costs you 99 cents. I believe Angry Birds Star Wars II should have been included in this compilation for the price you are paying. Hopefully, we will see a free update to the title in the future but donít count on it.

Is Angry Birds Star Wars worth your hard earned money? Well, I guess it all boils down to what you expect. If you are looking for a brand new Angry birds experience then I have to say no. If you love Angry Birds and want to play every version available on the market then by all means pick this up. Or even better if you are planning on getting the Xbox One version than definitely hold off a few weeks since this will be an Xbox One launch title. Weíll be checking out the Xbox One version and have our fingers crossed for a much more polished version as we still have hope. Xbox One, you're our only hope!

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