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Over the past several months all we have heard about is Titanfall from the Xbox PR machine and EA. And while this exclusive looked good and had great concepts nobody really knew what to expect once the final product arrived in the hands of gamers. Microsoft threw a lot of eggs into one basket in hopes that Respawn Entertainment would knock one out of the park with Titanfall. Well now the game has arrived and I think itís safe to say that Titanfall is a grand slam in the hearts and minds of gamers and critics alike.

Titanfall is a ridiculously great game and everything about it sets the game apart from any other shooter you have played. The FPS genre needs to pay attention because the bar has been set by Respawn and currently there is nothing on the market that can compare. Yes, I am really talking highly of this game and itís for good reason. Itís superb in visuals, gameplay, and everything it has to offer.

Weíve heard all the negative about the resolution the game is pushing on the Xbox One. Folks, unless you have over 100 inch television nothing over 720p should matter to you. Honestly, your eyes cannot tell that much of a difference in my opinion of course. Stop with the Resolution-gate already. This game looks fantastic and the action on the screen in intense. The Titans are highly detailed, the maps are vast and feature different environments and the explosions are massive. I have absolutely no issue with what resolution the game is pushing because I enjoy the game, period.


So what is Titanfall? Well, itís a first person shooter that puts you in the boots of a Pilot running and gunning and taking out the opposition in traditional ways. As you battle it out, you can eventually call in a Titan which you board and then take on the enemy pilots as well as their Titans. Youíll have upgrades youíll earn that better your weapons, Titans and abilities. Youíll also have something called Burn cards which give you some sort advantage from the moment you use it until you die or the end of the match. Whichever comes first. The game is strictly an online multiplayer game only so you will need to have Xbox Live Gold in order to play it. There is no way around this.

There are too modes of play for you to choose from with multiple game styles mixed in. You can choose to do either Campaign Mode or Classic Mode. Again, both of those modes are multiplayer only. In the campaign, youíll team with up to 5 other gamers against 6 other gamers from across the world. There is an IMC and Militia campaign that when completed fully will award you access to all 3 titanís chassis (Atlas, Ogre, Stryder). The campaign wonít take you too long to play through and then you can jump into the Classic Mode.

In Classic Mode youíll compete in a variety of game types: Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, Capture the Flag, Last Titan Standing and Pilot Hunter. You can choose to play only your favorite game type or you can select the Variety mode and the server will place you in into random game types. You can start a party and compete with up to 5 of your friends together on a team or you can jump in by yourself as well.


Throughout the game youíll have all sorts of challenges to complete which will unlock items and earn you bonus XP. Everything can be a challenge from how much time you spend riding on enemy Titans to the number of enemies you kill with each weapon. Each specific challenge has 5 Tiers that reward you with even more XP when accomplished. So be sure to keep an eye on those challenges so you know what you need to do in order to rank up a little faster. Youíll have gun challenges, Titans challenges and be sure to switch out your loadouts once completely Tier 5 challenges.

Many folks may want to know if there are any similarities between this game and Call of Duty and frankly I can only say the only similarity is that itís a shooter. Well, that and the Next Generation Pilot is Respawnís answer to CoDís prestige system. When you hit level 50 youíll be given the choice to Regenerate as a Next Generation pilot. Youíll lose all of your unlocks and have to start from square one but youíll also earn XP a lot faster. Along with that, you will have to complete challenges in order to Regenerate to the next generation.

So we have been playing the game for over a week now and I have to say that things have been extremely stable for the servers. Weíve been in plenty of matches with very few ďLost ConnectionĒ messages. There is never a lack of players online and this game can quickly make the hours pass. Before you know it the time is well past bedtime. The Burn Cards, Challenges, and gameplay just make you keep wanting more. EA has a bad reputation for massive game launches and stable online servers, but Microsoft, Respawn and EA seem to have ironed this one out before launch.


There are a few things that I would add or change about the game despite how great I think it is. First off, I really think the Smart Pistol is just too much and needs to be toned down. In the right hands this gun is just devastating and frustrating for those on the receiving end. I also wish there were leaderboards so that you can compare stats and such with your friends and the world. There have been a few instances of folks taking advantage of some glitch spots and getting outside of maps but Respawn has come forward and said this till be fixed cheaters will be addressed. So as a whole there are just little things wrong with the game but nothing is a gamebreaker by any means.

As you can tell, I am really excited and absolutely love this game. I have always enjoyed a good single player campaign more than multiplayer gaming but this game really won me over. I was skeptical at first about how it all would work, but I have to tip my hat to Respawn. They really did a fantastic job. The game has a season pass which will grant you access to multiple pieces of content coming in the months ahead. If you are on the fence about making an Xbox One purchase then itís now time to make that purchase. You can buy an Xbox One bundle that includes Titanfall and trust me itís well worth it. We have so many games on tap for the coming months but I truly believe Titanfall is a top runner for Game of the Year. Yes, itís that good.

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