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Posted On: 7/16/2013  Publisher: Namco Bandai

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I love those games that make you think and Flight Control is one of those types of games. While itís not exactly a puzzle game due to the random flight paths and variety of aircraft it does require some strategy and thinking. Flight Control puts you in the role of an air traffic controller and your job is to land as many aircraft as you can safely and quickly. Namco Bandai games along with developer Firemint have released one of the perfect pass the time games. Well at least in my opinion. I love this game.

As simple as the concept may be the game never gets boring and it constantly changes since the flight paths are different every time you pick up the game. The aircraft come in a different order as well each and every game. And the variety of levels is substantial enough to keep you busy for quite some time. Add in the fact that if you have friends that play the game as well that you will always be in competition among each other.


So the concept of this game is simple. Land the aircraft safely. Where the game gets tricky is with the variety of aircraft and flight paths they take. Youíll have aircraft from little single engine private planes to jumbo jets to helicopters. All flying in multiple directions and your job is to get them lined up for approach but what makes it tricky is that they have different speeds. Youíll also have a handful of different airports that incorporate new scenarios and challenges.

The games controls consist of sliding your finger on the screen from the aircraft to its landing point. You can redirect aircraft away from others by quickly swiping the aircraft into another direction. The aircraft colors represent which runway or landing zone you need to point it towards. For instance, if you see a pink plane then you need to land on the pink runway. You can fly anywhere on the map as long as you do not collide with another aircraft. If you do that than your game is over.


There are a total of six different airfields. Each has a specific theme whether itís a commercial airport or perhaps itís a military or maybe youíll be landing aircraft in beautiful Hawaii. No matter where you are at youíll have your hands full after a few minutes. On one of the maps youíll have to direct your own aircraft around emergency flights which are AI controlled and have a flight path that cannot be altered. On another map youíll have shifts in the wind that will cause you to have to divert flights to another runway ever after you have designated them for a specific runway.

The game offers up a ton of variety and thatís what I really enjoy about it. The concept is extremely simple but the more aircraft you get on the screen the more difficult the game can get. Thankfully any time you have a collision about to take place you will be prompted by an alarm and the planes will be highlighted in red. These are the moments when you have to act quickly and divert one of the aircraft onto another flight path or at least away from the imminent collision.


I donít have much in the way of complaints for the game. It works exactly how I would expect it and the touch controls seem to be spot on. The flight paths will even snap to the landing zone if you are close which is a welcome thing when moments get a little hectic on the screen. Some will say that there should be more aircraft but I think that would just cause a lot of unwanted chaos and frustration. In my opinion the game has the perfect difficulty level and the further you get on an airfield the tougher it will become. It took me quite a long time to score the achievement that requires me to land 100 aircraft in a single game. The only thing I could really complain about would be the visuals. Everything is very simple and plain colors. I personally don't think that is a bad thing but can see where people will want more. I think more would wash away some of the game play and make things more difficult.

Flight control is the perfect handheld game. When it comes to games that use the touch control I think that this game does exactly what it needs to do. Great controls, game play variety, and enough content make this a great game and well worth the whopping $0.99 you pay for it. I mean seriously, 99 cents? That is an outstanding price for a game like this. This is definitely a game that will pass the time away on long flights across the country and I am more than happy to have it in my game library. I think you should check it out as well. Fun, addicting, and long lasting game play. What more can you ask for? Okay, maybe a little more content via updates, but that's only because I want more, more, more.

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