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Posted On: 7/16/2013  Publisher: Gameloft

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Ice Age is a movie franchise that it great fun for both youngsters and adults. The characters are loveable, the comedy is great and the stories are written well enough to keep the attention of everyone. The console games have come and gone and while none have been considered a triple A title, they are still good fun for gamers and can garner a few easy achievements as well. The folks at Gameloft have delivered a really addicting game that will take up a ton of your time and best of all it is free.

The Windows Phone platform ushers in a whole new way to present and deliver games. Ice Age Village on the phone reminds me a lot of the free to play games and the games you find on Facebook. You’ll collect money to buy things while helping out friends and depending on help from them. The help comes in the form of visiting each other and “Liking” the world. You can also offer gifts to one another.


Everything in the game is based on time. Some things you can accomplish in minutes while other things will take hours and up to days to complete. For instance, you can put in some items into your world that will produce coins every 30 seconds, while a certain type of animal can take 48 hours before it produces anything. The basic concept of the game involves a lot of grinding and time.

The game starts out with a plot of land that you must develop into a city for the local animals. You’ll purchase new animals, decorations and more with coins that are earned from existing establishments within your city. Animal homes will produce both coins and XP. The homes and specialty items you place in the city each have a set time limit set for when they disperse something. Animals will disperse coins but will also require you to feed them which in turn produces blue stars which are your XP.


As you level up in the game you’ll earn the ability to purchase new animals, entertainment items and other things from the store. Items in the store will cost one of 3 types of currency: Coins, Acorns, and Hearts. The coins are earned from your establishments in the city. You’ll also find them laying in snow piles, or you can grab some from Scrat when he runs through your screen. Acorns can be obtained by catching Scrat and in snow piles. And Hearts are obtained by “Liking” your friend’s cities.

You can also earn items as well as special items of the day by playing the Scrat Mini Game. In this game you’ll earn prize randomly for completing the game. Help Scrat fend off the piranhas but watch out for the blow-fish. You’ll be able to slip up 3 times which means you can miss a piranha or hit a blow-fish or the combination of both. At the end of the 30 second round you’ll watch a roulette wheel which will decide the prize you get. I didn't see much rhyme or reason in the prize you receive. I had hoped if you have a good flawless round that you would be rewarded well but that does not seem to be the case.

When it comes to the controls in the game I can say that they are pretty decent the whole way around. The game is pretty responsive to your touch. Every once in a while you'll have issues where pinpoint accuracy seems to be needed but that happens on a very minimal basis. The menus are responsive and the mini game is done very well.


The game looks great both zoomed in and zoomed out. There a some choppy moments on the screen here and there where you have a lot of stuff going on but overall the game runs very smooth. The downside to the game is there is a ton of grinding to do in order to earn all the achievements. I have put many hours into this game and have only acquired 56 of the 200 gamerscore attainable. Sure, it adds replay value but there are times when I wish there were other ways to earn coins and prizes. One issue I did have though was the ability to link up with certain friends on either Gameloft or Facebook. I would assume that I should be able to find my friends on Facebook very easily but that is not the case at all. I also had issue with the fact that acorns are nearly impossible to attain ad it will take you forever just to get a decent pile together to make a small purchase. Acorns need to drop more frequently since they are a major currency. I understand the items you purchase with them are a bit more rare but its really frustrating not having a chance to get them.

In closing, the game is free and is well worth the download. You’ll spend lots of hours building up a cool city to show off to your friends and it’s fun to have little competitions with others playing to see who can get the better looking city as well as some rare animals. This is one game I have to highly recommend to anyone with a Windows Phone for two reasons. It’s free and it’s fun!

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