South Park: The Stick of Truth

Posted On: 3/4/2014  Publisher: THQ

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South Park: Stick of Truth sucks! But it sucks in a good South Park kind of way. The show that I have grown up enjoying for years is now in the perfect videogame form and the folks over at Ubisoft and South Park Studios are pulling no punches. Prepare to have your mind blown and ask the same question over and over, “Did they really do that?”. Oh yes, they did.

From the moment I started playing the game I was chuckling and shocked many times over by some of the things I would see and hear. Let’s just say you don’t want your 12 year old playing this game for sure. The first door I opened up, I came across a lady doing aerobics naked in front of the television. The next door was a man…well let’s just leave it at that. You can find out for yourself. South Park: The Stick of Truth is full of all the South Park moments we have come to love and adore from its creators. The entire game is written and voiced by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


So what is this game? Well, it’s an open world adventure in the world of South Park. You’ll travel the town visiting townsfolk and making new friends while completing quests. You play the role of a new kid with no voice which is apparent in much of the dialogue you’ll encounter. You join Stan and the crew as part of a fellowship clan protecting the Stick of Truth. Unfortunately, Kupas Keep comes under attack and the stick vanishes so it’s up to you and the gang to retrieve the stick. Much like Oblivion, you’ll rise from the ashes as the hero who saves South Park. Well with the help of your friends as well.

This game gives you all the options of an open world game including the ability to take along a party member to help fend off enemies. The variety of enemies you will encounter is immense and quite humorous at times. You’ll fight everything from rats to a Mongolian tribe to Gingers. As you gain XP from defeating the enemies you’ll be able to level up and unlock new abilities as well as equip more powerful weapons and gear. Be sure to keep an eye on your inventory making sure you have the latest and greatest equipment equipped.

There is so much to talk about with this game and you will definitely get your money’s worth. For South Park fans it’s a no brainer must buy, but I have to say for those of you that love open world RPG’s then you will want to consider this title as well. The combat system is completely turn-based as each enemy takes their turn relegating damage or perhaps bolstering their defenses and teammates. You’ll have a few different classes to choose from right from the start of the game as you create your character: Fighter, Mage, Thief and Jew. Each has their specific abilities and talents that will help you throughout the story.


The map is vast and quests will be marked on the map with an exclamation point. As you travel through the town enemies will appear and you’ll find side quests to complete in order to level up and find some goodies. Leveling up also determines the enemies you face as well and they’ll get stronger and more advanced for each fight. You’ll even have a few boss battles mixed in which can take a little strategy on your part to win.

You’ll meet vendors throughout South Park that can supply you with consumable goods as well as new weapons and armor. You can even place add-ons onto some items that make them even better. Each item has a level designated to it and your character must be of that level to use the item. As I mentioned, constantly check your inventory for special items that you might find or were dropped in battle. You’ll not only have weapons and armor but you will have special abilities and Dragonshout. The special abilities will require you to use PP which can be obtained through drinking potions. The bar will also generate over time. Dragonshout is your almighty weapon, the fart. Yes, you can do some heavy damage to opponents when using Dragonshout but you’ll have to make sure you pull it off correctly for the most effectiveness.


Surprisingly, this game is vast and very deep in terms of gameplay options and RPG offerings. Unless you know the town of South Park like the back of your hand you’ll have to be accessing the map on a fairly regular basis to figure out where you need to go and what you need to do next. Some will base their purchase decision on how many hours the game entails and I say to them you will get anywhere from 15-20 hours if you explore everything. Take your time with the game as there are so many goodies to see and find.

Honestly, I found the game to be solid in technical aspects. There were a few moments where I would get lost and try to figure out what I needed to do and it would have been nice to have a helping hand from the game. But other than that, the game looks like hell. No really. It’s perfectly South Park! From every mouse drawn to the town folks you’ll feel like you are actually playing through and episode of South Park on television. Again, this is not a game you want to play with sensitive ears and eyes around. Prepare to have your mind blown, but if you are a South Park fan you’ll already expect that. Now hop to it Douchebag, grab that game and start playing.

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